When Jesus saw him and knew he had been ill for a long time he asked him, “Would you like to be well?” John 5:6

This morning I was reading the Gospel of John. I came across the story of Jesus healing a man at the pool of Bethesda. I have read this story countless times but this time I saw something that I had not seen before. It is amazing how the Word of God will give you new revelations every time you read it, if you are open to receive.

It is important to realize when you are reading the Word of God you are reading a living document. According to Scripture the Word was made flesh. (John 1:14) The Word was God and was with God. (John 1:1-3). So when reading the Word of God we are reading the manifested will of God, in the person of Jesus. In the book of Hebrews it says that the Word of God is alive and active and that it is discerner of our thoughts and intentions of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12) We should approach the Word of God with this mindset; if we do we will receive revelation and insight every time we read it.

In this story there was a man that had been paralyzed for 38 years. He spent his days at the pool of Bethesda because there was a legend that when the water started bubbling whoever was the first to get in it would be healed. Well, this man had no one to help him get there. So every time the water started bubbling he hoped someone have pity on him, but to no avail. So he lied there day after day: Year after year waiting, living off the handouts of the people passing by. He became complacent with his position in life and accepted that things were never going to change for him.

One day this man caught Jesus attention. So Jesus approached the man and asked him a question. “Would you like to be well?” Why would Jesus ask this man this question? I thought to myself wasn’t it obvious that this man wanted to be well? He was at the Pool so he could get well.

This when the Spirit of the spoke to me and gave me this revelation. There are many people who go through the motions of seeking to be well, but they have gotten too comfortable in their plight and don’t really want to change it.

When I thought about this, I reflected back on some of the people I had counseled that were not willing to do the things that were necessary to make positive changes in their lives. Instead, they gave excuses of why they couldn’t do what was suggested to them. How many people are dependent on the government, an abusive partner or spouse that is unhealthy, but they refuse to break away from that relationship. Instead, they complain hoping that the institution or person will change. They render themselves helpless because they have relinquished their power and given it someone or thing.

Getting back to the story; when Jesus determined that the man was ready to be healed, Jesus instructed the man to get up pick up his mat and walk. The man did just that and he was made whole. This man had the power to walk all the time; he just had to put his faith on the Word of God. This man demonstrated his faith by his actions. If had not attempted to get up and do what Jesus instructed him to do. He would have remained at that pool for the rest of his life.

There is a valuable lesson to learn for this story and a question we should ask ourselves. If we don’t like the situation that we are in, why aren’t we doing something about it? Have we become complacent in our current circumstances and resigned ourselves that it’s no use, and make ourselves comfortable in our discomfort.

Or have we become dependent on others to do what we have power to do ourselves? Have we placed our dependence on people and things that do not have our best interest at heart, and open ourselves up to be manipulated and abused? If this is the case then we should do what the paralyzed man did. Do what the Word instructs us to do and put our dependence on Him.

Scripture Readings:

John 5:1-9

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