Many believers mitigate the role the soul plays in their lives. As a result, they live far below what God has designed for them. The soul is an important component to the human being. The soul contains the following:

• Emotions, James 1:19-21, Luke 21:19

• Intellect, 1 Peter 3:15, 1 Cor 2:16, Rom 12:2-3

• Memory, Luke 24:8

• Imagination, Gen 11:6, 2 Cor 10:4-6

• Will, Phil 2:13, Eph 5:17

You can see why the soul is important to our walk with the LORD. We need the soul to operate on this earth. The enemy knows this, and that why he attacks us in the soulish realm. It is the only area where the enemy has access. Once a person is born again, their spirit is united with the Holy Spirit and sealed from the attacks of the enemy. Therefore, Satan will attempt to enter through the soulish realm to control us.

We all have fallen prey to his strategy. I know I have fallen on many occasions because I allowed the enemy to gain access through one of the abovementioned gates. Once we realize the importance of the soul and become aware of the five gates of our soul, then we will have our souls under control rather than in control.

Let’s look at an example in the scriptures, Psalms 42. David was under some distress so let’s look at how he handled it. The key verses in this chapter are 5,6,12. If we employ this strategy we can overcome any circumstance we face.


1. God loves me! God loves me more than I love him.

2. You need to be established in your righteousness, Christ Jesus!

3. You must realize there is no weapon form against you that can prosper.

4. Begin every day with praise and end it with thanksgiving.

If you practice these four things you will be effective in shutting off the five gates to your soul from the enemy.

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