Walking in the Way Day by Day

This book was received second place in the devotional category by the Christian Authors Awards (2015). It written as a result of questions I had concerning the state of the church of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I read of all the miracles God performed in the Bible, and like Gideon (Judges 6:13) I asked the question, "Where has that God gone? Why am I not seeing that kind of power in my life" After much prayer and meditation, God started to show me what was lacking in my life. I realized that walking with God was more than just memorizing Scriptures and learning formulas to get God to work on my behalf. While I was paralyzed from a spinal infection, I realized that some of what I had been taught in church were based on tradition and were not biblically based. During this period of time, God began the healing process. Through faith in the Word of God, I was healed physically, but, more importantly, God gave me the assignment to pass on to others what I have learned. I pray for all those who read this book: may your eyes and hearts be open to receive the message of God's great love for you and His desire to lead you to your Promise Land.

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your Daily Guide to the Promise Land. I have written several books on intimacy with God and yours is one of the best by far! Dr. O Virginia Phillips- Founder of Women of Purpose International

Changing your Paradigm to the Christ Mind

 This book is a continuation of the first book written in 2011. It addresses some of the misconceptions that some believers may have about the Message of the Kingdom of God. Many believers are not experiencing the full benefits that God has provided for them through the teaching of Jesus.  As Jesus said the traditions of man have made the Word of God to no effect. (Mark 7:13)If you are not satisfied with your Christian walk and know that there is something lacking in your walk this is a must read!  


Releasing The Prisoner Within, A 63 day Recovery Program




















Recovery Program addresses the issue of addiction and recovery. Addiction can portray itself in many forms but the spirit is the same. The principles found in this book will assist the reader in understanding the spiritual component of addiction and educate them on the importance of using biblical mediation along with 63-day neuro-psychology in overcoming their addiction. It's God desire that we are empowered to overcome any situation and circumstance we may face. This book will show you how.

walking in the way revised book

This is the revised author's edition of the Christian Award Winner Book in 2015. It includes a table of contents and has updated devotionals. This is a best seller that can be read year after year.

book cover for your illness is not your

This book was written to give encouragement to those who are suffering from physical illnesses that seem impossible to overcome. God has many ways to heal people. Some people of faith had died prematurely because of their refusal to seek proper medical attention from a qualified physician or take prescribed medications. God can heal you through medical science as well as through the laying of hands or the anointing of oil. In this book you will learn what I learned, your illness is not your equal. For nothing is impossible with God, and all things are possible for those who trust in Him.